Yuri's Night Los Angeles hosted a viewing of "The Martian," (starring Matt Damon, directed by Sir Ridley Scott, and based on the novel by Andy Weir) followed by a meet and greet at the Pasadena Yard House to kick off World Space Week Sunday October 4th. 

The Arclight in Pasadena generously allowed us to have the microphone and say a quick 10 minute greeting before the movie started.

The movie was fantastic!  

We had attendee's from NASA, JPL, Virgin Galactic, Boeing, SpaceX, students and grads of Caltech, Planetary Society volunteers and a whole host of other space agencies represented in the audience.  We also had space enthusiasts who don't work in space, but love the empowering and fun wonder that space brings to the table.

The highlight of the Meet and Greet at The Yard House was Loretta Whitesides standing on a chair and doing 10 rounds of "get to know you" questions!  We had about 40 attendee's participate.  2 by 2 they all faced each other and answered questions in about 30 seconds each before one side of the line would move and everyone had a new partner for the next round.  It really broke the ice and got everyone talking.